2020 New Year Count Down

Here's a fun clip I did to bring in the 2020 New Year.  It is a 21 second count-down where I lose a piece of my outfit every second.  The music is like the drums from Wipe Out.

Playboy Photo-shoot Hawaii

I had a lot of fun doing this.  The editor and I laughed so hard.  It really was a Playboy photo-shoot.  It was not a film festival winner which is what is so funny.

Cut Me Loose Music Video

I did this music video while I was in shooting for Playboy in Hawaii.  It is Cut Me Loose by Luka Music. The popularity of it shocked me.

BADD Magazine Christmas Special Promo

This is a sexy promo clip I did for BADD December 2019 cover and feature.  It was a special edition which just featured me.

BADD Magazine December Promo

This was a promo for an early December 2019 BADD special which featured me exclusively.

Working at Redline Design

Redline Design in Tampa is a premiere shop specializing in car wraps.  I got a killer wrap for me Corvette Stingray which you can see in the video.  I was so happy with their work that I did this promotional video for them.  They are one of the best and super chilled to work with!  There slogan is:

"We stick it...

Anywhere you want it!".